Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why We Must Pass Proposition 8

This is a video I found at the evangelical outpost . It tells more of a story that was covered briefly in a video I posted several days ago, about a family facing the ramifications of legalized same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.


Kelley said...

Great video, Paula. We'll pray for you and all the people of California that right will prevail.

I emailed out an email about Proposition 8 about a week and a half ago, and have gotten several disturbing responses back. One of them was from a friend who did not believe that a government had the right to put something like this into a state constitution. My question is, though, if we don't protect it there where WILL it be protected?

Grace said...

It's more than public schools. We were considering moving to Massachusetts. I looked at their home school laws. It states that you must teach your children "basic" subjects, like reading, math, music, drawing, and being a good citizen. Hmm... if homosexual behavior is legal there, and if you taught your child that it wasn't, is it any stretch of the imagination to think that government would come take over your right to homeschool?

Kelley said...

By the way, I tagged you. The rules are over on my blog. :)

Kelley said...

That's scary, Grace. No moving to Mass. for me, thanks.

Catherine said...

I really appreciate the information you provide on this blog.

I am a little ashamed to admit that I was unconvinced by Prop 8 when it was presented to our ward and felt the church was making a bigger deal of it that necessary.

You have changed my stance on it entirely. I support Prop 8 100%. So, you can know for sure that you changed one heart on this subject--even if I can't vote on this particular proposition, you can be sure I'll support the ideals it upholds in any setting I can. :)

The idea that anything that is legal can be taught to young children as morally equal is ridiculous. Smoking is legal, but what kind of school would condone presenting smoking to kindergarten children as a normal and fine life choice?