Friday, October 10, 2008

Beginning Narration

I wrote in an earlier post about the technique of retelling or narration, as a way to help children internalize and take ownership of books they read or books read to them. I have had a bit of a rocky start in teaching Lily how to narrate. She is happy to answer specific questions, but if I ask her simply to tell me about what we just read, she hesitates to volunteer anything. I decided to get over this hump I needed to resort to extreme measures--bribery! We bought a bag of Jelly Belly candy, and sat down with a book with simple, familiar story segments. I would read a segment, then ask Lily to tell me about it, then reward her with a jelly bean. Lily is easily motivated by rewards, and this system worked beautifully for us. Now that Lily knows what to do and has practiced doing it a few times, I think we will be able to proceed without the incentive of immediate rewards.


Violin Mom said...

This is an excellent idea. I believe strongly in the benefits of narration. I wish I had been made to do it as a kid. I cannot now narrate my way out of a paper bag. You inspire me to make my kids do more narrating. Thanks for posting this!

Kelley said...

THANK YOU, PAULA!!! We have been struggling with this same reticence, and that is a fabulous idea. I will definitely be using it. Matt will do anything for sugar! :)