Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tot School #2

Lily's "Van Gogh" style painting.

Maybe she inherited my Grandpa's artistic talent.

We've been bringing home lots of library books on trucks, tractors and other machines for Luke lately. Here are a few--I bet we've got a dozen in the house right now.


And there's the tractors at work in the sandbox!

I'm trying to find ways to do music instruction with Luke. Lily started learning violin when she was his age, and I would like to do the same with Luke. Trouble is, he doesn't focus nearly as long as she did at that age. I can think of two reasons for that: A) He's a lot like me; b)He's a boy. The combination is dangerous. Anyway, we've done a few short lessons on holding the violin and bow, but he doesn't seem ready to play a particular not yet, or even to just bow on one string. I've debated whether to wait for him to grow up a bit or just do things slowly. There are advantages either way. If I wait, he will (hopefully) learn faster. If I push forwards now, he gets that experience and discipline.
We made used of those tractors to do some letter-tracing in the sand. I drew the letters with my finger, then Luke followed them with his tractor.


Tara said...

Ahhhh, I love children's art work! So precious! Your children are darling!

Chris said...

What a great painting! Your kids are beautiful, you have a wonderful family.

My three older kids are in band. I started my 7 year old in a music fundamental class this year. He is learning to read music and plays the recorder and bell chimes. It has been a really good way for him to learn about music. Next year he will play a *real* band instrument.