Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is the agenda behind the gay marriage push?

This article, titled "Gay Talk Show Host Opposes Gay Marriage" is worth reading. A few excerpts are below.

(Al Rantel is a conservative gay talk show host on Los Angeles's KABC station)

"To say that unfortunately the gay world is in a general state of hyper-sexuality that is not conducive to relationships which marriage was intended to foster is to put it mildly. Further, almost all of the issues the gay left claims it is justifiably concerned about like property, health, and financial partnership issues have already been dealt with by many states and can be dealt with through further legislation as needed. Such legal changes would encounter far less political opposition."

In other words, most gays don't want to be married anyway, and many states are already bending over backwards to give their partnerships rights similar to those of married people.

"Why then the seeming obsession by the gay left and their activist judicial allies like the Massachusetts justices to force gay marriage on an unwilling public?
There is an answer.
Forcing a change to an institution as fundamental and established by civilization as marriage is deemed by gay activists and other cultural liberals as the equivalent of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for homosexuality itself. The reasoning goes that if someone can marry someone of the same sex then being gay is as acceptable and normal as being short or tall.
While I certainly do not think people should be judged by who they choose to love or how they choose to live their lives, the cultural liberals in America are after more than that. They want to force others to accept their social view, and declare all those who might have an objection to their social agenda to be bigots, racists, and homophobes to be scorned and forced into silence."

Yep, they're really good at the name-calling bit.

"The gay left has still not matured into a position of self-empowerment, but is still committed by and large to the idea that the rest of society must bless being gay in every way imaginable. This includes public parades in all major cities to remind everyone else of what some people like to do in their private bedrooms while in the same breath demanding to be left alone.
What more certifiable blessing than state sanctioned marriage of two men or two women, even for a group that has offered no indication that most even desire to enter into the kind of commitments that marriage ideally entails, or that serves the real purpose of marriage. Marriage exists in order to create a stable and structured environment for couples to reproduce and raise their offspring. "

Ah, but the gay left wants us to think only sexuality matters, not reproduction.

"And so we have come to yet another chapter in the story of those who would portray themselves as victims in need of another sanction from the state. This time the price of social acceptance of gays is the redefinition of an institution that is thousands of years old and a cornerstone of society. Does that really seem like a wise and prudent choice for America to make at the wish of a handful of judges, and at the behest of those whose real goals are more political than anything else? "

I couldn't have said it better.

Here is the article in it's entirety. Although I found it so good that I ended up quoting most of it.


Carolyn said...

Thank you for your clear and gentle support of Proposition 8. It is very heartening to read about the way you have been standing up for God's definition of families. I was browsing the blog search engine for posts relating to Proposition 8, which was how I stumbled on your blog. In the midst of some very hateful and derogatory diatribes opposing the proposition, it was refreshing to read your loving and gentle comments.

To read THE BEST article about this topic, please visit:

Violin Mom said...

That article was a good find. Thanks for sharing it here. I hope Proposition 8 ends favorably in your state. We have a similar Amendment on the ballot in our state.

Kris and Sarah said...

Thank you for leaving a comment. It's so nice to have support for the things I stand for.:) I love the article you found. There are some really important truths in it. Thank you for posting so much.

Kelley said...

Paula, I am thoroughly enjoying all the writing you've done on Prop. 8 lately. You are so clear in the way you put your thoughts, and that makes a difference. I was disturbed by the comment made by somebody else on another post, and wasn't sure how to comment myself, but you always have kind, thoughtful things to say. Good for you.