Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Favorite Study Spot

This week share your favourite spot to study with your kids. There are many places you can sit down to teach, learn, and work, but where do you prefer and why? You’re welcome to include a photo of your study spot! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s!

Well, I missed last week's theme. I guess life just got to busy! I like this week's theme, though. I'm not a very formal sit-down-and-do-school type. A lot of our schoolwork takes place on the living room floor, on lying on the bed while I read aloud. My true favorite, though, is outside. I know it might seem to disctracting to some, but for me there is something calming about being outside. I like the open sky. I think being hemmed in by four walls makes us feel confined both physically and mentally. When I was a kid I couldn't wait to get home from school so I could go outside. For a few years we lived near a forest, and I remember throwing my backpack over the fence into the backyard and taking off into the trees, just to wander. I don't know that I ever studied there, but with my kids I do take them outside to read, or even for violin practice. And some subjects, such as nature study, are obviously better undertaken out of doors!
Oh, and the best part? If I'm working with Lily on something outdoors I don't have to worry about what Luke and Esther creating havoc in the house. They, too, are much happier to play on the grass or in the sandbox.


krazzymommy said...

The fresh air is so good for them, too! Great post!

tammy said...

There is something to be said for learning outdoors. Some days are just perfect for it!!

Renee said...

We really enjoy the outside too. The boys can run around and then sit and learn for a spell, then run around again. Have a great week!


Sadie said...

I wish we did more outside....I think it would be more realistic if we had any shade, but the complaints on trying to see books or what not when in the bright sun just make it hard....writing lessons in chalk on the driveway are a favorite for all of us here though

akhmmm said...

Strange as it might seem but my kids prefer to work inside than out! When I've tried to do a lesson outside they get bored and keep asking when they can go back in.


Kelley said...

We have some really beautiful parks around here that we've been going to occasionally. I wish we had the kind of backyard I had when I was a kid, but we don't, so we're having to improvise. I'll have to try taking our lessons outside and see what happens. Especially reading. That would be great.

Ruth MacC said...

Hello there,
I liked your photo and so I put it on a post on my blog along with a link to your blog!