Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Durnstein Castle Hike post # 3

In the dungeon--they say Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned in this castle. Wonder if they kept him in a dungeon?

Grandma can out-hike all of us!

Time to relax after the hike down. Grandpa treated the kids to icecream--they later told me that was the best part of the adventure!

Durnstein Castle Hike post # 2

More Vineyards
View from the guard tower

In the tower

Luke and Grandpa
The arch in the wall
Into the castle
View from the castle
We made it!

Durnstein Castle hike post #1

Headed up through Durstein village
Esther gets a ride on Grandpa's shoulders
houses growing out of the rocks
Lily contemplating the Danube river
View of the village

part of the old fortification walls

Luke forging his own path

Vienna Woods

The woods start a block from my parents' home; they were my favorite place to be when we lived in Vienna before. We enjoyed being there in the early spring this year.
Esther helping build a fort.
Inside the fort
Discovering moss
Luke playing in the leaves

Lily gathering wild garlic (ransom); it was delicious in my mom's salsa.
Fun with stumps!