Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're Home!

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for a couple of weeks...well, not really off the face of the earth, but we did leave North America. We spent a delightful two weeks visiting my parents in Austria. To be strictly accurate, the second week was delightful--the first week was mostly a blur of jet lag accompanied by a cold that just wouldn't go away. Vienna was cold that first week as well--it seems we got at least some snowfall every day for the first several days, although it didn't stick for long. The second week was much more spring-like, and we had a wonderful time visiting the city, the Vienna Woods, and on Saturday the ruins of an old castle. Most of all, we enjoyed time with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle S. and Aunt K.
Vienna was home to my family through my late teen years. My parents moved back two summers ago, and I have been planning a visit ever since--but until we bought the tickets 10 days before our departure we didn't know when we were going--this spring, or in the fall, or next year... I'd been thinking a lot about the trip, and dreading the difficulties of overseas travel with small children. In the end, I decided rather precipitously that I would much rather make that trip now with 3 children than later with 4! We were hoping to go nearer the beginning of April, but found that ticket prices went up steeply about that time (Spring Break, I suppose) so we bought tickets, packed our bags, and made the trip in March. It was wonderful being with family and getting re-acquainted with Austria. I especially enjoyed hiking in the Vienna Woods with my family and taking them to see my high school and meet some of my old teachers. I'll try to get some pictures up soon--we've been home for almost a week but are just now getting over jet-lag on this end of the trip. Life is starting to feel normal again!

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Maile said...

I always get stressed out anticipating trips and figuring out what we need to pack, etc. especially international trips. So I can see how, in some ways at least, it would be better to buy tickets so close to departure. I would imagine those 10 days were pretty busy getting ready to leave! All the pictures are gorgeous. I would love to go to Vienna.