Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Harvest Festival

Today was Co-op day, but instead of regular co-op classes, we had a harvest festival. The kids all came dressed up as a favorite literary character, and presented a book report for the group. Lily came as Garnet from the book "Thimble Summer" by Elizabeth Enright. This book won the Newberry Medal in 1939. It is a nice, simple, beautifully written book. Nathan read it a couple of years ago and brought it home from the library for me to read aloud to the kids earlier this month. We enjoyed reading it.
After the book reports, the kids decorated sugar cookies. They used paint brushes and royal frosting, the kind the hardens when it dries. They really had a lot of fun. Afterwards we had games and lunch; it was really a nice, simple party.
This afternoon Lily had her piano lesson. This is her first month of piano lessons and so far she is enjoying them. I really like her teacher, a mom who homeschooled her own kids until high school, and comes from a long line of musicians. She really enjoys teaching and it shows. I'm happy to have finally found a music teacher that I like; we haven't had a lot of luck with that in the past. This lady also teaches violin, so Lily might start taking violin lessons with her at some point. Right now she is still doing cello. Lily likes the cello and her teacher, but thus far I am not thrilled with the level of teaching. We'll see, I'm not quite ready to give up on it.

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