Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Independant Practice

Lily is in her room practicing violin. I was helping her practice and she got upset because I told her she was being to sloppy and to start a piece over. She went off in a huff to play it by herself. Listening through the door I hear the sounds of the various "Twinkle Variations". Now I don't really expect a five year old to do much in the way of productive practicing alone, but it might not be a bad idea for review songs if it means she does them more cheerfully. I'll have to watch out though--I have a distinct memory of my mom sending me off to practice violin when I was a little older than Lily. I went in the room, put a tape in the tape player, recorded myself playing a couple of songs, then turned the tape on playback. Not sure if I fooled anyone...


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! Love you!

Kelley said...

:) Are you guys doing Suzuki?

Matt is so hungry to learn the piano, and I've been holding back until he could read but maybe I need to just jump in with him.

My practice time was at 5:00 in the morning. I'm not sure why my parents were willing to have their sleep disturbed at that time of day, but they were. I have clear memories of laying on the piano bench reading a book and plunking on the keys every once in a while. I'm pretty sure they weren't fooled either. :) Maybe all these memories will help me go easier on my own kids now.