Sunday, November 15, 2009

Only Four More Weeks of School!

I knew I was stretching myself thin when I decided to start classes for a Master's program this fall, but I also felt like I should give it a try or I would always wonder if I could have done it. I've enjoyed my classes, my parents would be glad to know I get all my assignments in on time (a major improvement over highschool days). But I won't be continuing next semester--the strain on the family is too much. And I really don't feel bad about quitting--I have higher priorities. So now I just have to get through four more weeks of school (not counting Thanksgiving week as I have no classes). Four more weeks...I think we can survive that. Actually, this week will be one of the worst; I have a 15 page paper due on Thursday, and while I have done a lot of the background research and bibliographic work, I haven't actually started writing yet. I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!
Now if only I can get over the icky part of this pregnancy quickly...everything would be so much easier if I weren't feeling sick all the time. I think I've tried every suggestion out there--ginger, vitamin 6, sea bands, eating snacks throughout the day...but based on past experience the only real remedy for morning sickness is Time. In my past pregnancies I've dealt with the nausea anywhere from four or five weeks to four months...of course I'm hoping for shorter rather than longer this time around!


maryanne said...

Let me know if you want a proofreader for your paper.

The only other thing I've used for morning sickness was "Mother To Be" tea - I bought it off of Amazon. I'm guessing it might have been the anise in it that helped?

Maile said...

Wow, I cannot even imagine trying to do school at the same time that you're teaching your own kids and being pregnant. I firmly believe that some of the wisest decisions we can make involve choosing to stop certain activities when we recognize that they don't fit in with our priorities.

BTW, regarding Hypnobabies, etc. I never really looked into Hypnobirthing in a detailed way, but from what I gleaned from others comments, the tools learned in the Hypnobabies program seem to be easier to use or more accessible to those learning it. Good luck making the decision about a doctor/midwife. I know people can have positive experiences with doctors, but I think you have to be much more assertive about your priorities. We (and particularly Peter) weren't comfortable with the idea of a home birth, especially since I've had a C-section before, but I have heard it can be an amazing experience. I've also wondered why some people have such a great natural experience and others don't. A friend of mine did a VBAC after I raved about my VBAC with Asher to her, but she hated giving birth naturally. Anyway, good luck and let me know if you have any Hypnobabies questions.

Keeley said...

Ooooh my good gravy - master's programme, pregnant and homeschooling? Wowsers, no wonder you're putting the master's on hold for a while. You must be sooo tired.

Hang in there! Four weeks will fly by. =)

Oh! Are you doing hypnobabies? I did that for my last pregnancy. I think I still have the material here. Somewhere. =D

Kelley said...

Hmm, that sounds like how I did my final paper for that History of Civ class in the 2nd semester of our Freshman year. Rixa and I did them on the same topic, but she spent all semester researching and writing hers. I started research on the 1st Reading Day, wrote it on the 2nd Reading Day, and turned it in at 10:00 in the morning on the first day of Finals. She was really mad when we got the same grade in that class, and honestly I can't blame her. :)

I hope you start feeling better soon. I want to do a shout out to every mother out there who has had multiple babies after realizing how bad morning sickness is. I was barely sick with my first three, and had no idea how bad it could be. Then I got pregnant with Rachel and have sworn that I will never do it again. Being that sick for that long cured me of ever wanting another baby. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Four more weeks of school! You can do it. I made similar choices about college and have not regretted it...though I may revisit the decision as our youngest ages. LOL