Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warning: No Diving

We got a wading pool for the kids this week, you know, the kind with inflatable sides and a maximum water depth of 6 inches? As I was setting it up, I noticed the warning in bold print on the side: No Diving. Really? I am so very disappointed. I was all set to plunge in head first.

Anyway, I've thought up a few warning signs that might prove more useful in my life:

On my 5-year-old daughter: Warning: Do not say anything within my potential earshot that you do not want me to hear, analyze, and potentially repeat.

On my 3-year-old son: Warning: Do not underestimate climbing ability

On my 16 month old daughter: Warning: Monkey See Monkey Do

I could use a few other reminders in my life. For instance, a mechanism in my car that would beep if I am leaving something behind (like the groceries in my cart after my last shopping trip--I didn't even realize the mistake until 6 hours later! At least it wasn't one of my children...) Maybe a light that would appear on whatever item I am looking for when I enter a room, especially if I have forgotten just what it was I came into the room to look for. A GPS locator for each child when the are running around outside would be nice, too.

Oh well, until such gadgets and warning labels become available, I will just have to be content with remembering NOT to dive headfirst into the wading pool!


James said...

I read about a new minivan that comes with electronic RFID tags that you can attach to any item (such as a child) you really don't want to forget. The van alerts you if all the tags are not inside when you start the engine.

MaryAnne said...

hehe love the warnings for your children :)

Kelley said...

hink hink. Yes, those ARE very good warnings. I'd have to think of what would work for my kids. That would be fun!

I'm sorry to hear about the groceries, though. What a bummer!