Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby antics


Lily as a Baby

OK, so newborns don't do much other than eat and sleep...but Mark has given me a few moments to remember.
About a week ago, I was holding Mark in my lap when he suddenly started screaming in obvious distress. It took me a moment to spot the source of the trouble--He had one hand closed tightly around a fistful of his own hair, and was yanking pretty hard on it. Of course he had no idea that he was causing his own distress! I had to pry his fingers loose. All that hair can be a real liability when you don't yet have control of your hands...
Yesterday Mark gave me a real reason to smile. I was holding him (I do that a lot!) while he slept, and was watching his eyes moving in his dream. He smiled--a real smile--then laughed! I remember Lily doing this--laughing in her sleep, long before she ever laughed while awake. I always thought she must be dreaming of heaven. Funny, Mark has reminded me from the beginning of Lily as a baby--and Lily did the hair-pulling trick too!


MaryAnne said...

They do look a lot alike, and both beautiful babies! I bet they will be great friends =)

Shushan said...

beautiful pictures indeed and adorable baby pics C0ngratulations!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Wow - Paula - all that gorgeous hair. Beautiful babies.