Thursday, December 31, 2009

Master Schedule, January 2010

Here is a Master Schedule I made for my Home Management Binder, we'll see how it goes. Obviously some days will vary depending on planned activities, and of course tweaking is expected.

Early morning
Get up, dressed
Personal Devotional Time
Fix breakfast
Children up, dressed
Breakfast and Morning Devotional
Morning chores (kitchen, bedrooms)

Late Morning
1st Workbox rotation
Break/outdoor time
2nd Workbox rotation
Break, Lunch

Early Afternoon
Afternoon Chores (Kitchen, Living Room)
Nature Study/Art/Project time (hands-on)
Quiet Time/Nap Time (Start short, work up to 30-45 minutes)

Late Afternoon
Break/Outdoor Time/Playdate
Music Review Practice (Concert Time--regular practice is part of the workbox rotation)
Dinner Preparation (children help)

Family Dinner and Scripture Reading
Evening Chores (Kitchen, Bathrooms)
Family Time—reading, games, walk, etc

Bedtime prep begins between 7:00 and 7:30, when children are in pyjamas, teeth brushed, prayers said Mom/Dad will read stories until 8:00
8:00-8:30 children may listen to recorded music or stories
Parents bedtime routine—quick sweep of house, journal writing, discuss day, plan


Maile said...

Thanks for posting this. Today I was trying to map out a schedule like this for my family. I'm torn between being too scheduled and not scheduling enough. I might try setting some goals of things to add into our schedule step by step. We've been pretty laidback, but I do think it's time to start adding more structure to our lives.

Kelley said...

I like this. I'm gearing back up right now, and trying to institute some changes to actually create a routine where very little of one has existed before.

I was reading "The Ingredients for Success" from "Leadership Education" last night, and came upon something that made my heart sink. It was talking about the annual break, and said:

"If homeschoolers are doing it right, their Core Phase students will hardly know the difference between the breaks and the regular school year. They will still have a morning routine, Kidschool and morning play, games, manipulatives, reading time, and art and science projects throughout the summer."

I realized that when we took our break for the past two months (necessary because of my business), we took a break from everything - routines, chores, school, the works. I can't allow myself to do this again. Even if we take a break like that, I can't allow the entire structure of our days to disintegrate. Since my kids are all in Core Phase, I'd like to get back to doing the basics and work up from there, and your routine that you've mapped out is a really great start. It's not too "by the clock," but still creates intersections for the family several times a day. Great work!

maryanne said...

Sounds like a great schedule. I'm thinking of making something similar for our family...

Ruth MacC said...

Looks like a full day Paula. I think young children need a lot of structure in their lives. When my 11 yo son was very small I used to play music (cd or tape) in his bedroom. Later he loved listening to the Bible on cd. It was a mixture of the Bible and Bible songs. As the years have passed he hasn't got out of the habbit and now loves to listen to story tapes that he gets from the Library.

I looked at the link for taffy. Does it get very hard? If so we have something over here that is like it called Rock.