Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update on Life

We started school a couple of weeks ago--homeschool, that is. Despite my best efforts, I can't understand the excitement of my friends over sending their children off to kindergarten for the first time. Really I've tried, I just don't get it!
I'd hoped to post a few pictures here, but my camera is (not surprisingly, if you know me!) missing in action. When I find it and get the pictures onto my computer I will try to remember to post them. We've been doing lots of science (because it's fun of course!)--growing alum crystals, examining rocks, pulling iron dust out of the playground sand with magnets (turns out our sand is full of iron!). We're about done with studying Egypt, Sumeria, the Hebrews, and Ancient India, and ready to move on to China, Greece and Rome. I've started reading Farmer Boy to Luke. Violin group lessons start in a couple of weeks. So we're busy on the home front.
I'm busy too with my own school--I started a Masters program in Literature and Composition last week. I'm in class two evenings a week, with reading and assignments in between. Hopefully I can create a workable balance that won't stress my family too much. So far, I'm enjoying being back in class.
In view of starting school, I'm cutting back on other activities including blogging. I'll post occasional updates but have to limit the time I spend.


Kelley said...

All of that sounds great! I totally understand about cutting back on the blogging, though I will miss your wisdom.

I have sent my kids off to Kindergarten twice, and I never want to do it again. The more we delve into homeschool with my oldest, th emore horrified I become at the horrendous job the public school did with him. It's AWFUL! I might be picking up the pieces for years! Though I sincerely hope not. I'll be checking into that math program you recommended on your other blog.

Kelly said...

That sounds really fun! Good luck with your degree too, how wonderful!