Monday, November 3, 2008

Gratitude November 3

I'm impressed to see many bloggers using the month of November to express thankfulness. I'm not sure I can commit to blogging about things I am thankful for every day this month, but I would like to keep gratitude in my thoughts and words and write as often as I find opportunity. Who knows, perhaps this could become a gratitude journal extending past November.

Today, as we stand on the eve of what will doubtless be an eventful election, I am grateful to live in a country that extends to its citizens the liberty to live, act, and vote in accordance with our conscience. I am grateful for the freedom to worship God, and aknowledge that for some that means the freedom to not worship God.
I am grateful above all for my own testimony of God's love, for the knowledge the I am a child of God, and that each person here on the Earth is also a child of God. In my personal life, I am grateful for the guidance of the scriptures and of modern-day prophets and apostles, who can guide us through troubling times. I am grateful for the opportunity we each have to approach God through prayer and seek and receive direction for our own lives.
Indeed, I have much to be grateful for.


Kelley said...

Hear, hear.

I've recently re-learned one of the values of gratitude. When I'm complaining, it's hard to see the good in anything. When I am grateful, I am able to look past the problems that seem to be all around me at the moment and see life for the gift that it is. That in itself is precious.

Maile said...

Beautifully written. This year I have been especially overwhelmed (in a good way) by wanting to be constantly grateful for all the little and big blessings in my life.