Tuesday, November 25, 2008

15 things you might not know...

Mary Anne tagged me awhile back to write a list of 15 things you might not know about me. With Thanksgiving coming up I'm planning to take a little break from blogging, and I thought this might be a fun post before I go. Of course, what you don't know depends on who you are...I'm generally not a good secret keeper! So here's a list of 15 things you may or may not know about me, in no particular order...

I celebrated my 6th birthday in Mexico, my 10th in Guatemala, 13th in France, 16th in Bolivia, 18th in Austria, 21st in Jordan, 22nd in Japan, 23rd in Nicaragua...the rest you'll have to guess.

I once won a grapefruit-eating contests by finishing off 10 grapefruit halves for breakfast.

I also won a water-chugging contest by drinking a glass of water faster than anyone else.

All three of my children were born without epidurals or any other form of medical pain relief.

I majored in Archeology in college.

When I graduated I accepted a commission in the US Air Force (archeology doesn't pay well...); They didn't know what to do with an archeologist so they put me in charge of lodging.

My greatest accomplishment as an Air Force officer was getting the cable TV fixed in time for a visiting General to watch an all-important football game.

The most fun I had in the Air Force was driving a bulldozer.

I happily changed careers when my husband and I were blessed with our first beautiful baby. Now God is my employer, my children are my stewardship, and my salary comes in hugs and kisses.

Thanks to my 3-year-old son, I still get to drive bulldozers; now they are the kind that push sand around at the park.

I also have many opportunities to use my archeology training, unearthing lost and buried treasures (that missing shoe?) around the house.

I have lived in 17 cities, in 6 countries, on 4 continents, in 2 hemispheres.

In the first year after I met my husband I asked him out three times. He asked me out once. (He later made up for the discrepancy).

I have had some success in learning to speak French, Spanish, and Japanese. I have had much less succes in attempts to learn Russian, Cantonese, German, Arabic, and Hebrew...

I have read the Bible cover to cover at least twice. I have read the Book of Mormon cover to cover at least 10 times. The Book of Mormon is a lot shorter.


Kelley said...

Paula, I love your writing. That was delightful. :) I especially like the ones about driving buldozers thanks to your son. Very cool!

Grace said...

so, archeology is what you finally settled on?! I always wondered.

Carolyn said...

Man, I'm inspired. You've read the Bible cover to cover TWICE? I have never been able to make it through all the measurements in Deuteronomy or, when I skip ahead, the mass killing in Judges. Although I know I would learn a great deal from covering the whole book in one fell swoop, I'm temporarily pleased with myself for having read the entire New Testament in one go.

Now I'm inspired, though. How would you suggest reading the Bible and maintaining excitement?