Thursday, January 7, 2010

Handyman Day

I've taken care of two projects already this morning and am feeling quite pleased with myself. The first was not really fixing something--more unfixing it. I'm tired of the neighbourhood kids ringing my doorbell all day, so I disabled it; I opened up the casing and blocked the plunger with a toy ( a duplo, if you must know). No more ding-dongs! I did put a note by the doorbell stating that it doesn't work, so please knock.
The second project occurred to me as I was doing laundry. My washer and dryer stand next to each other with the dryer on the left, the trouble is that the dryer door hinged on the right--meaning I had to transfer clothes around the open door. I didn't realize until today that the door is reversible; all it took was changing a few screws and hinges around, and now my door is opens to the left. Hurray for easy laundry transfers!


Kelley said...

Nice! And very smart!

I managed to screw a doorknob back on, keep my kitchen clean, and have a decent homeschool morning. Hooray for small victories!

Oh my goodness, I have found some AWESOME books lately. If you're interested, email me and I'll tell you all about them.

maryanne said...

I just went to check my washer and dryer because I have the same problem; sadly my doors are not reversible...

barefootquilter said...

I've never heard of someone breaking their own doorbell. That's funny.

Way to go on the laundry room fix. Good thinking!