Monday, June 15, 2009

My best friend

This carpet cleaner has been one of the best investments we ever made. Right now, I'm using it to battle the Invasion of the Fleas. Yes, those adorable kittens we fostered left a flea infestation behind them...if anyone has experience with flea elimation I'm open to advice. I'm trying to tackle the problem using least-toxic methods first--lots of vacuuming, carpet cleaning, washing bedding, etc. I have ordered diatomaceous earth and plan to try that once it arrives!
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Maile said...

Yikes! I very much dislike infestations of any kind. I don't have any advice but I'll wish you good luck in getting rid of them quickly!

Phyllis said...

I think you can sprinkle baking soda in the carpet, let it sit and then vacuum it up.

James said...

When we got our kitten in Texas it had flees too. Molly was so psycho about fleas after that -- she thought every speck of dust was a flea. She nearly killed the poor cat smothering it with flee medicine all the time.

liahonajourney said...

We had a flea problem once. Daily (twice daily or more) vacuuming, and set the vacuum outside. Treat your yard with nemotodes so you don't bring them back in.

Borax also works. The trouble with fleas is that their eggs can stay dormant for a year. Nothing really touches the eggs. Vacuuming helps the eggs hatch (as it kind of tricks them into thinking a host is near, if flea eggs think that is). Keep the vacuum bag outside so the fleas don't escape back into your house.

We did bomb our house initially. We set off a number of bombs and closed up everything for however long you are supposed to, and then my husband braved coming back and opening up all the windows to air out the house before the rest of us came back.

It was pretty miserable while we had them, but we did get rid of them. You will become the vacuum queen.

Best of luck.