Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baby Wearing

I don't often post photos of myself, probably because I'm usually the one taking the photos. I asked my husband to take this picture last week; my baby is growing up fast, and I probably won't be carrying her around like this much longer--not that I object but she has become very fond of her own two feet! My sister gave me this Moby wrap when Esther was born, and it is one of my favorite baby-wearing aids; it's just one longs strip of somewhat stretchy fabric.
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Kirsten said...

she does look just a bit big for it! =)

MaryAnne said...

very cute picture - I think she looks like you with a bit of her dad mixed in.

Maile said...

I found baby wearing invaluable when my son was born and I still had to run around after my daughter who wasn't quite 2. I loved having my hands free even while being close to my baby.